Jagdhaus Heede

The Jagdhaus Heede in Hann. Münden, Germany has an old-fashioned name – but also a good and modern menu. It is a restaurant with an attached hotel in a remote part of the city directly next to the forest on Blümer Berg.

If you want to get there you’ll have to go to the city quarter Hermannshagen and close to the supermarkets you’ll have to turn left into the direction of the forest. Narrow roads lead you along a playground and the cemetery to the Jagdhaus. There are good signs and if you watch out for them you’ll easily find your way.

The restaurant is also a good starting point for hiking: You can have a short walk steadily up the hill to the Düsterer Kellerbrunnen, or longer walks to the Weserliedanlage or the Klusteich lake.

Jagdhaus Heede
Hermannshäger Str. 81
34346 Hann. Münden


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