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The zoological garden if Երևան, Armenia, is a zoo in constant transformation and therefore interesting to visit. Ten years ago the conditions for the animals must have been rather bad but things changed for the better: the lions now have a shiny new area and the wolves and bears can roam around freely in large territories. On the other hand dogs (living on the streets here often) broke into the zoo and killed the kangaroos – which lead to the director quitting because he was unable to protect his animals.

The zoo is located in a small valley next to the city centre. Unfortunately, it is not really possible to reach it on foot or by public transport. Even if the distance isn’t really large you need to get here by car or taxi. Dating back to the year 1940 Yerevan zoo today is home to around 3,000 animals of 300 species. It is a pleasure to walk around here and you can experience some things unusual of you’re coming from Western Europe – like pony riding within a zoo.

At the entrance, you can also buy some fodder: carrot and apple pieces you’re allowed to give to the animals. That was unusual to me as you normally get concentrated food to attract animals. What you shouldn’t miss is the aquarium: it is located outside of the zoo near the parking lots. Preserve your ticket and visit this wonderful place before you leave.

Yerevan Zoo
Երևանի կենդանաբանական այգի
20 Myasnikyan Ave / 20 Մյասնիկյան պողոտա
Երևան, Հայաստան
Yerevan, Armenia

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