Cuteness everywhere

Normally you will find zoological gardens only in or around bigger cities. Bad Pyrmont is fortunately an exemption from that rule – it has its own privately operated Tiergarten. And it feels like they’ve brought together only the cutest of cute animals: Valais Blacknose sheep, coatis, alpacas, capybaras, otters, donkeys, porcupines, meerkats and many more.

You can get pretty close to these fascinating animals, and you’re also allowed to feed them. In addition, there is also a small playground and a coffee bar that also sells something to eat if you need a refreshment. The Tierpark Bad Pyrmont is located not far away from river Emmer, but it is also easily accessible from the castle and the Kurpark. A lovely place for some hours of cuteness.

Tierpark Bad Pyrmont
Hauptmann-Boelke-Weg 3
31812 Bad Pyrmont

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