Hyllige Born

If you like to taste different flavors of water, then Bad Pyrmont might be the right destination for you! For health treatments seven springs can be found throughout the city: the Hylliger Born, Helenenquelle, Friedrichquelle, Wolfgangquelle, Hufelandquelle and the Trampel’sche Quelle. They give water that contains calcium, magnesium, carbonate, sulphate and sodium. It’s a tradition to drink these waters to improve your health. In addition, there is also the Salinenquelle which can only be used to swim in its waters and a carbon dioxid gas spring that is also used to cure illnesses.

The heart of the spa town is the oldest spring, the Hyllige Born (holy spring). It was first mentioned in the year 1350 CE. Around the spring there is a nice gallery (the Wandelhalle) in which you can try the water. This place is surrounded by old buildings, and you can find a short alley with different shops and restaurants.

Der Hyllige Born
Bad Pyrmont

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