Aare, Bern

For some years I tried to avoid trips to Switzerland. It is a nice country with beautiful nature, but the prices are just horrible. During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 I was searching for places I could reach by train and as I’ve never seen the capital city of Switzerland, I booked my ticket. But then our Swiss neighbors held a large yodel festival (really!), and the infection numbers were increasing dramatically. Therefore, it took me another year before I could do the trip.

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Kunsthalle, Bern

The Kunsthalle of Bern is just a small exhibition space for art that has been opened in 1918 and is used solely for changing exhibitions. A visit there can be amazing if you get to see a fantastic exhibition or rather boring if you come at the wrong point in time. Reviews of the museum vary extremely – but how could it be any different?

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Kunstmuseum, Bern

One of the oldest art museums of Switzerland is the Kunstmuseum at Bern, located next to river Aare in the north of the city center. It dates back to the year 1879 and is located in a beautiful renaissance revival style. But for sure the people are coming for what’s inside: from Franz Marc to Paul Cézanne, from August Macke to Lovis Corinth.

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Rooftop bar for railway lovers

View from PinkLime, Bern

I’m always in for a sundowner with good views. Bern offers different high-class rooftop bars but if you want something special you should visit the PinkLime for a beer, some cocktails, or classic Apéro snacks. By the way: the Apéro is not only an important tradition in France, but also in Switzerland. You meet with friends to talk and your drinks are always served with small snacks (cheese, olives, bread, dried meat, …).

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