Walking through the beautiful Kramgasse at Bern is liking walking through history. The street is 330 meters long and begins at the famous Zytglogge tower. It was created in 1191 and was the most important axis of the old city. Today it is a protected UNESCO world heritage site and mostly filled with shops, restaurants, and coffee bars.

The iconic buildings are decorated with flags and three fountains can be found. It is mostly a pedestrian zone, only vehicles with special permit are allowed to enter. During summer, the passages on both sides provide some shadow and a relaxed atmosphere for a shopping trip. In number 49 you can find the Einsteinhaus, a museum located in the former home of Genius Albert Einstein. But he wasn’t the only famous person living there – another well-known inhabitant was Albrecht von Haller who later left his traces in my hometown Göttingen.


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