When visiting Bern there is no way around having a look at the Berner Münster, the beautiful Gothic-style cathedral in the heart of the city. It was built starting in 1421 on the grounds of a former smaller church in this location. Most impressive detail is the portal depicting the Last Judgment with 234 figures carved out of sandstone.

The tower of the cathedral is a little bit more than one hundred meters high and has two viewing platforms on 46 and 64 meters height. If you want to climb up, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee and – that’s a rule I’ve only found here so far – you cannot go alone, only a minimum group of two persons is admitted.

Next to the cathedral you’ll find a nice park on a rectangular shaped artificial platform, the Münsterplattform. It offers amazing views on the river Aare and the mountains as well. From there you can additionally take the Mattelift, an elevator bringing you down to the city quarter Matte where you can get close to the river.


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