You don’t see panda bears that often in zoological gardens – but in København you can watch them relaxing in the sun. Another rather rare animal is the Tasmanian Devil, it was the first time in Denmark that I’ve seen this fantastic animal. The Zoologisk Have København is a wonderful middle-sized zoo that was founded in 1859. It is home to around 3,500 animals of 250 species and it groups the animals according to the places in the world where they are living.

The best example for this geo-based approach is the savannah in the newest section of the zoo where giraffe, rhino and zebra live closely together. The København zoo is located next to the Frederiksberg castle and gardens which are also very nice for a walk. Finding the zoo is pretty easy because of the nice tower from which you can have good views on the surrounding area.

Zoologisk Have København / København Zoo
Roskildevej 32
2000 Frederiksberg

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