Art, Smørrebrød and a mermaid

Frederiksborg, København

Yes, 2020 has been a tough year for travellers. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit us all very hard and travelling was nearly impossible – at least concerning the more interesting regions around the world. But even in Europe more and more countries became problematic as destinations: either because you would have to get into quarantine for 14 days when arriving there or because you would have to quarantine yourself after returning from there because of too many coronavirus infections. Business travel came to an end and for nine months I didn’t leave my one country which was quite unusual for me by that time.

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Danish minimalism

Copenhagen Contemporary, København

I’ve been disappointed by so many museums for contemporary art that my expectations are pretty low when visiting one of them – that protects me very well. The Copenhagen Contemporary or short CC is a nice one on the Refshaleøen peninsula in København. What you should know in advance is that they exhibit a very small number of artworks, but that those are often very large. The old industrial halls are perfect for giant items that can’t be shown in most museums.

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Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, København

A collection of sculptures doesn’t sound so inviting for you? Think twice! I would also visit the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in København if it would be completely empty – because already the fantastic staircases and the giant hall with palm trees in the centre of the building are simply amazing. Within you can find modern sculptures and antics from Greece and Rome and also some impressionist art – a wonderful combination.

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Zoologisk Have, København

You don’t see panda bears that often in zoological gardens – but in København you can watch them relaxing in the sun. Another rather rare animal is the Tasmanian Devil, it was the first time in Denmark that I’ve seen this fantastic animal. The Zoologisk Have København is a wonderful middle-sized zoo that was founded in 1859. It is home to around 3,500 animals of 250 species and it groups the animals according to the places in the world where they are living.

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Getting around

E-Scooter, København

København with its 600,000 inhabitants isn’t a small but also not a giant city. Most sights for tourists are located in the city centre but for some, you’ll have to travel a bit. Getting around in the capital city of Denmark is rather easy – even as there are so many different transport systems. A little bit surprising for me was how important bicycles are for the inhabitants: riding a bike is a real pleasure as there are separated bicycle lanes and sometimes also bicycle bridges – you can get from A to B very fast by bike.

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No photo!

Fristad Christiania, København

The Fristad Christiania is a special place in København. You shouldn’t walk in, enjoy the lights in the evening hours and try to take a photo. I made this error and was directly approached by someone who wanted to make sure that the picture is deleted – and therefore wanted to check my smartphone. Why is that? Christiania is still a place where illegal drugs are sold and consumed and clearly, nobody wants to be pictured while doing illegal things.

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Street food zone

Reffen streetfood market, København

While being a solo traveller I really love street food markets. You don’t want to sit alone in a restaurant waiting for dinner (even though a good book can make such a situation pleasurable). Also, a street food market is a perfect place to taste local dishes, experimental creative food and the classic international dishes. Therefore it is no wonder that I visited the Reffen streetfood market more than once during my trip to København.

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Star-shaped fortification

Kastellet, København

When you look on a map of København, Denmark, you might be surprised by seeing a star-shaped structure in the north of the city – not far away from the little mermaid. It is a fortification protecting the harbour of the city and it was finished in 1667: the Kastellet. The military area is very well preserved and includes a system of moats. Today you can visit it freely through the gates and on wooden bridges.

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