The Bothy

The Bothy, Fort Augustus

If you’re at Fort Augustus, Scotland to explore the surroundings of Loch Ness and in need of a drink, The Bothy might be the right choice for you. It is a restaurant and classic pub located directly at the Caledonian canal. You can get traditional Scottish dishes here and a good selection of ales and malt whiskies. Drop by and watch the locals chat and enjoy life. Continue reading “The Bothy”Y

Discovering the Highlands

Highlands, Scotland

The Highlands are a special and beautiful area in Scotland, United Kingdom. They begin some kilometers north of Glasgow, Stirling and Dundee but exclude the eastern coast around Aberdeen. They have been less influenced by the English reign than the so-called Lowlands. Therefore the special culture has been preserved more than in the southern regions – this includes the clans, language (Gaelic) and the tradition to make whiskey. Continue reading “Discovering the Highlands”Y

Bennets bar 

Bennets Bar, Edinburgh

It is one of these wonderful dark pubs with old furniture in Edinburgh, Scotland: Bennets bar in the Leven Street, opened in 1839. They offer a wide range of whiskies, ales and some Scottish meals. If you’re unsure what spirit to choose – the barkeeper knows best and can recommend the right drink for you. One of these places with a special atmosphere I could spend hours in. Continue reading “Bennets bar “Y