Discovering the Highlands

The Highlands are a special and beautiful area in Scotland, United Kingdom. They begin some kilometers north of Glasgow, Stirling and Dundee but exclude the eastern coast around Aberdeen. They have been less influenced by the English reign than the so-called Lowlands. Therefore the special culture has been preserved more than in the southern regions – this includes the clans, language (Gaelic) and the tradition to make whiskey.

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You can see numerous beautiful lochs (lakes), munros (high mountains with special shapes) and the highest mountain Ben Nevis there. But some section are even only treeless mires. Travelling by car through the Highlands is hassle-free, if you plan your route well. We had booked a Mini Cooper for this trip, but available was only a Mercedes-Benz S236; the biggest car I’ve ever driven. Get a smaller car if you’re not used to drive on the left side of the road.

The Highlands
Scotland, United Kingdom