Rosslyn Chapel 

Rosslyn Chapel is a wonderful Gothic church located in Roslin, Scotland – not too far away from Edinburgh. It is a small church with the most beautiful interior I’ve ever seen; and it is really good set in scene. The chapel dates back to the 15th century CE and was built by Sir William St. Clair from 1456 on. The basic structure follows Herods temple in Jerusalem.

Inside you can discover many beautiful decorations including the Apprentice Pillar showing the tree of life. There are many myths around Rosslyn Chapel bringing it in connection with the freemasons, the Knight Templars or the remains of Jesus Christ. There are many ideas what might be hidden in the sealed crypt underneath the chapel.

Rosslyn Chapel received a lot of attention after Dan Brown used this place as one of the locations of his novel “The Da Vinci Code” which was filmed later. Now the place has a very good visitors center and you can easily enjoy your visit. There are busses going there from Edinburgh but the easiest way is to drop by using a rental car.

Rosslyn Chapel
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Scotland, United Kingdom

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