Royal Museum

Scottish National Museum / Royal Museum, Edinburgh

It is a playground for old and young: the National Museum of Scotland or Royal Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland is a fantastic museum of natural history, technology and art. It is not the biggest one I’ve ever seen but it consistently includes elements to play and have fun. It was opened in 1888 and can be visited free of charge. Continue reading “Royal Museum”

Bennets bar 

Bennets Bar, Edinburgh

It is one of these wonderful dark pubs with old furniture in Edinburgh, Scotland: Bennets bar in the Leven Street, opened in 1839. They offer a wide range of whiskies, ales and some Scottish meals. If you’re unsure what spirit to choose – the barkeeper knows best and can recommend the right drink for you. One of these places with a special atmosphere I could spend hours in. Continue reading “Bennets bar “

Beer tasting

Andrew Usher & Co., Edinburgh

We went through the city center of Edinburgh, Scotland to find a highly-recommended bar close to the university – only to find it closed. But luckily next to it Andrew Usher & Co., a student bar with many different beers on tap was open. A lovely place with self-service and board games (including a Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit) – a good place to relax. Continue reading “Beer tasting”