Urquhart Castle

When you get to Loch Ness and are disappointed that you didn’t find Nessie (the famous monster in the lake) there isn’t too much else to do. You might get to Inverness or Fort Augustus – but you definitely shouldn’t miss Urquhart Castle near Drumnadrochit. It is the ruin of a castle built in the year 1230 directly at the shore of Loch Ness.

It was built to secure the reign of king Alexander II and was later continuously extended. After 1545 it wasn’t needed anymore and the people around it used the material to built houses. Today it is a touristic highlight with good infrastructure; you’ll find a shop and a coffee bar here. And of course lots of tourists. Enjoy the views on Loch Ness from the highest tower!

Urquhart Castle
Scotland, United Kingdom

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