Cash or card?

Swedish currency

The contrast couldn’t be bigger: Germany is a country where people love to pay with cash – Sweden is a country that consistently gets rid of cash and card payments are possible nearly everywhere. One could discuss the effects on society if cash payments aren’t possible anymore – and there are positive and negative ones – but what does this situation mean for a traveler? Continue reading “Cash or card?”


Faluröd, Vimmerby

In Sweden and Finland they love to paint their buildings red using a color called Falun red – named after the place in Dalarna where the ingredients are gained from copper mines: Falun. In the mid of the 18th century most copper in Europe came from that region. And when they tried to use the remains from copper production it soon became clear that they could be used as dye. Continue reading “Faluröd”


Katthult, Gibberyd

Astrid Lindgrens stories about the young prankster Emil (in German: Michel) from Lönneberga are famous throughout the world. If you are close to Vimmerby, Sweden you can visit the place that was used to shoot the films according to the books. The Katthult from the movies is a nice place for a stop. Continue reading “Katthult”


Älgsafari Smålandet, Markaryd

The Smålandet Markaryds älgsafari was the first highlight after arriving at Sweden. Here you can get pretty close to elk and watch them living in the forest. You can either choose to drive the 3 kilometers long road with your own car or let yourself be driven around in an open bus. Continue reading “Älgsafari”

Ferry to Sweden

Trave, Travemünde, Germany

Maybe the best way to get to Sweden from Germany is to take a ferry boat. We decided for the TT-Line that goes from Travemünde, Germany to Trelleborg, Sweden. As we started near Kassel, Germany and wanted to go to Fåglfors, Sweden this meant that it was in the middle of our trip. We took a night departure that starts at 10pm and arrives at 7:30am. So we slept on board and the eight hours car ride didn’t feel as long as as it was. Continue reading “Ferry to Sweden”