Filmbyn Småland

The stories of Astrid Lindgren are inspired by the Swedish landscape and often they are also located at Småland – you can find a lot of well known names from the stories on the map surrounding Vimmerby, Sweden. And for sure these Region as also been used to shoot the movies according to the books.

A place dedicated to these movies is the ‘movie village’ Filmbyn Småland at Mariannelund. It works like a tourist information point: you get to now the movies, discover scenes from the movies and see things that have been used to shoot the films. And then you get to know where the films have been shot and you can start to explore the region.

The Filmbyn isn’t that big but provides enough fun: you can sit on the horse of Pippi Longstocking, put your head into the soup bowl as Emil did and – most funny – record small movie scenes from Katthult and Ronias home. They also have a shop, a coffee shop and a small playground in front of the building.

Filmbyn Småland
Spilhammarvägen 4
598 97 Mariannelund

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