Ferry to Sweden

Maybe the best way to get to Sweden from Germany is to take a ferry boat. We decided for the TT-Line that goes from Travemünde, Germany to Trelleborg, Sweden. As we started near Kassel, Germany and wanted to go to Fåglfors, Sweden this meant that it was in the middle of our trip. We took a night departure that starts at 10pm and arrives at 7:30am. So we slept on board and the eight hours car ride didn’t feel as long as as it was.

We booked with our travel agency but you can also do it easily online. When you arrive at the harbour you’ll arrive at a gate where you can either do a self-check-in (and all that is required is your booking number!) or choose a lane with staff. Then you get to know the place where to embark and which lane to wait in. But we could already see our ship from far away and we didn’t need to wait. We arrived two hours prior to departure and could directly drive onto the ferry boat.

There employees show you in which lane to park and you can go up to your cabin by elevator. The keys are given to you already at the time of the check-in. It is just necessary to prepare a bit and to take clothes, toys and everything necessary with you to the cabin – the car park level is locked once the ship departs. The cabin we booked had four beds for the three of us and we had to convince the smallest one that it would be best not to sleep on one of the two upper beds as there is no protection from falling down during the night. The cabin also includes a toilet and a shower that was better than expected.

On board you can get up onto the wind-protected sun deck but to make nice pictures it is best to go outside on the sides of the ship. Especially the passage on river Trave is nice and you can see many ships in the harbour of Travemünde. On board there is a restaurant, a shop and a children’s area with a ball pool and a cinema. But there isn’t much to do on board – it is not a cruise ship.

On 6:30am a leadspeaker announcement wakes you up, before 7:30am you need to be in your car. Therefore we did not have breakfast on board – on the Swedish side we went to Björns konditori at Vellinge, in Germany we had breakfast at Karls Erlebnis-Dorf at Warnsdorf – both 15 minutes away from the ferry ports. The latter is also great if you plan to drive earlier to be prepared for traffic jams on the German motorways: there you can enjoy your time if you do not get stuck for too long.


Zum Hafenplatz 1
23570 Lübeck

Hamngatan 9
23122 Trelleborg

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