Waiting for the ferry

This year we went by ferry to Sweden – with the TT-Line from Travemünde, Germany to Trelleborg, Sweden. Because of potential traffic jams we wanted to go to Travemünde some hours in advance. But what to do if there is no traffic jam? And where to have breakfast on the way back? It didn’t seem to be a good idea to get up early on the ship and have a very fast breakfast there as we where traveling with out child.

The answer to these two questions was easy as I discovered that there is a Karls Erlebnis-Dorf at Warnsdorf, Germany only 15 minutes away from the ferry harbor. We know Karls from Berlin, Germany and it is always a nice place to spend some hours with a lot of things to do for children, a very good shop and some nice food options.

The Karls at Warnsdorf is the smallest of their locations we have visited so far – but it was still big enough to spend three hours there. You can do pony riding, a round course on a tractor, you can watch some animals and climb on a crazy climbing tree. In the summer they are open pretty long and it was the ideal place to have dinner and kill some time.

On our way back we came to Karls again and had to wait 15 minutes – the ferry arrives at 7:30, Karls opens at 8am. They have a nice breakfast offering for adults and a very cheap child breakfast. It was for sure more relaxing than having breakfast on board.

Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Warnsdorf
Fuchsbergstraße 4
23626 Ratekau


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