Björns konditori

We were arriving with the ferry to Trelleborg, Sweden at 7.30 am. Having breakfast on board was not an option for us as we were traveling with our child and typically need more time for breakfast than would be available. Therefore we were looking for breakfast somewhere near the ferry harbour.

That is why we went 15 minutes by car to Vellinge, Sweden. It is in the direction to Malmö and in the center you’ll find a car park with a supermarket and a bakery next to it. Björns konditori has a good assortment of bakery products and serves rolls, sweets and also coffee and sandwiches to consume there. They have lots of seats and tables and a nice atmosphere. Just remember that you have to take a number to line up. Payment is for sure possible by card.

Björns konditori
Järnvägsgatan 2
235 31 Vellinge

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