The Smålandet Markaryds älgsafari was the first highlight after arriving at Sweden. Here you can get pretty close to elk and watch them living in the forest. You can either choose to drive the 3 kilometers long road with your own car or let yourself be driven around in an open bus.

Driving on your own makes it possible to go at your own speed and stop wherever you want – but you can’t overtake cars and busses at most parts of the track. You need to be relaxed and wait until you can continue. On the other hand you only receive some branches and leaves to feed the elk if you use the complimentary bus service.

After arriving you can park your car and you need to purchase a ticket and if you want the additional bus tickets. The access to the animals is in the rear part of the area. There is a nice big shop with souvenirs, some goats and a restaurant serving food like köttbullar from elk meat or pizza with elk salami.

Smålandet Markaryds älgsafari
Misterhult 2032
285 91 Markaryd


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