Astrid Lindgrens stories about the young prankster Emil (in German: Michel) from Lönneberga are famous throughout the world. If you are close to Vimmerby, Sweden you can visit the place that was used to shoot the films according to the books. The Katthult from the movies is a nice place for a stop.

You can see the main house and the pole where Ida became a flag, the shed were Emil is locked in and the toilet where his father tried to escape from through the window. Around this you’ll find nice hiking paths, goats, horses, cows and a small water playground. The shop offers different souvenirs like the characteristic hat and wooden rifle of Emil (the latter you can get with your name burned onto). They offer also ice cream, cold drinks and small snacks – there is no restaurant.

Katthult near Gibberyd
598 92 Katthult


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