Lengder Burg

Lengder Burg, Klein Lengden/Gleichen

When in earlier days the people living at Klein Lengden (a village belonging to Gleichen, Germany) needed protection, they went up onto the mountain Lengderburg (383 meters high), one kilometer afar from the settlement. The so called Lengder Burg (Lengden castle), a refuge created between the year 500 and 300 BCE, is unfortunately not preserved – but its former location offers nice views on the area underneath.

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Hurkutstein, Gleichen

The lower German verb ‘hurkuzen‘ meaning ‘to hide away‘ is very much unknown today – but it gave the name for a nice sandstone formation in the Reinhäuser Wald (Reinhausen forest) near Bremke belonging to Gleichen. Within the rock, you will find a man-made cave at a height of 3 meters in which you can climb via a wooden ladder. Hide for a while but afterwards don’t forget to explore the rest of the region.

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Natural playground

Jägersteine, Gleichen

Deep in the Reinhäuser Wald (Reinhausen forest), you can find the Jägersteine or Jägerstein (hunters stone), an impressive sandstone formation with different small caves to explore, passages to pass through and crevices to jump over. It’s a lovely hiking destination and a good place to just hang around and play a bit in nature.

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