Lengder Burg

When in earlier days the people living at Klein Lengden (a village belonging to Gleichen, Germany) needed protection, they went up onto the mountain Lengderburg (383 meters high), one kilometer afar from the settlement. The so called Lengder Burg (Lengden castle), a refuge created between the year 500 and 300 BCE, is unfortunately not preserved – but its former location offers nice views on the area underneath.

If you explore the area, you can find two foundations of ramparts that protected the refuge and divided it into different areas. There is also a stone marking the mountain top (observe the subtle difference: Lengderburg is the mountain, Lengder Burg the refuge). If you want to go up from Klein Lengden you can choose whether to climb steadily up the hill or walk in a long bend up the hill. Be warned: The slopes are pretty steep which created a good protection for the refuge in the past.

Lengder Burg
Klein Lengden

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