Natural playground

Deep in the Reinhäuser Wald (Reinhausen forest), you can find the Jägersteine or Jägerstein (hunters stone), an impressive sandstone formation with different small caves to explore, passages to pass through and crevices to jump over. It’s a lovely hiking destination and a good place to just hang around and play a bit in nature.

The name Jägersteine refers to a practice of hunters that chased deer towards these rocks and tried to catch them there. Once you’ve explored this place from all angles you can relax in a small rest area close by – or head further on to the Hurkutstein for the next adventure. The Jägersteine are located in the middle of the forest, but the inclination isn’t too bad and the ways leading there are quite good and wide. Therefore getting up by bike is definitely also an option.

You can find a way up to this area from all sides but most visitors seem to climb up from the Wendebach valley. The problem there is that the large parking area close to the ‘Tagungszentrum Waldschlösschen‘ has been privatized – just go ahead in the direction of Bremke; you’ll see a parking area (the Wanderparkplatz Bremke) on the right hand side. If you climb from there up the hill to the Jägersteine, down to the Hurkutstein and via the Waldschlösschen and in parallel to the road back to your car it is a nice circular route of 10 kilometres length.


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