The Wendebachstausee is a lake in the south of Göttingen, Germany belonging to a region called Gleichen. The small river Wendebach was dammed here for flood protection in 1973. Today it is a lake used for swimming and you can also walk around easily.

A part of the lake is marked and surveilled by the DLRG in summer time. You can park your car at a car park close to the road and descent on foot to the lake. Sometimes there is a small shop and you can find few toilets. Small roofed houses can be used for barbecues.

Yearly on Ascension Day there is a party of the local Socialdemocratic party I joined quite often in the past. There is also a memorial stone for the former farming minister of Lower Saxony, Klaus-Peter Bruns, who came here every day to swim and who was a political inspiration for me when I was young.

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