Kölner Zoo

Zoo, Köln

The zoological garden of Köln, Germany dates back to the year 1860 and is therefore the third oldest zoo in Germany. It is 20 hectares large and to see everything you have to walk long distances. What I liked is the round trip that ensures that you miss no species. The Kölner Zoo is visited by 1.7 million persons each year. Continue reading “Kölner Zoo”

Vivid hub

Hauptbahnhof, Köln

The main railway station of Köln, Germany is visited by 280.000 travelers every day and is therefore #5 of all German railway stations. It is special because it is located directly next to the cathedral and you‘ll already have stunning views when leaving the building. It has been opened in 1859 on the grounds of the former botanical garden. Continue reading “Vivid hub”

White gloves

Rhein, Köln

When I was looking for a seminar in contract and IT law I decided for a course in Köln, Germany – and was booked in at the Hotel im Wasserturm. It was the conference hotel and I wouldn’t have accepted it otherwise. It is a four-star hotel beyond the level of exclusivity I like. It is beautifully located in the old water tower in the southwest of the city center – next to the Agrippabad. Continue reading “White gloves”