The chocolate museum

Chocolate is a very much beloved sweetie and it is therefore no wonder that there is a chocolate museum, located on a peninsula in Köln, Germany. In fact the Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum is with 650.000 visitors each year the most visited museum of Köln and one of the ten most visited museums in Germany.

It was opened in 1993 after twenty years of planning. Chocolate producer Hans Imhoff, owner of the well-known company Stollwerck found different interesting historical items when his company moved. It was then decided to find a place to create a museum. When you visit the exhibition you can learn a lot about the history and the production of chocolate.

You can walk through a tropical greenhouse, see different forms for producing chocolate figures and see at a production line how chocolate is produced. And you can taste some chocolate from a chocolate fountain. The production partner is Lindt & Sprüngli from Switzerland, in the museum shop you can by sweeties from Hussel.

If you intend to by chocolate like shown inside the museum – buy it there. The items on display there are not available in the museum store at the exit. The museum is accessible from the main railway station by bus 133 going from the Breslauer Platz on the reverse side of the station.

Am Schokoladenmuseum 1a
50678 Köln

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