Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Müngersdorfer Stadion, Köln

There are many good bands that contributed to the soundtrack of my life. One of them are the Red Hot Chili Peppers from Los Angeles and one day I had to simply see them live on stage. This year they were playing on my birthday at the Müngersdorfer Stadion of Köln, Germany. And as I tend to travel on birthdays to avoid the classic celebrations I couldn’t resist partying with the RHCP.

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Hauptbahnhof, Köln

When you’re travelling by train to Köln you might want to have a good hotel close to the railway station. I was struggling with that different times until I checked-in at the Savoy. It is located on the rear side of the main station and you need to exit towards the Breslauer Platz. From there it is only a short walk to the hotel entrance which makes life really easy.

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Rhein-Seilbahn, Köln

There is a simple rule that is most often true: wherever a federal horticultural show is held in Germany, you’ll later find a funicular. Such a Bundesgartenschau is not only an event for tourists, it is also always used to change the area it is organized at, to reactivate fallow land that is most often hard to reach. And therefore very often funiculars are built to make the area better accessible for visitors of the Bundesgartenschau. And people love it.

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Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, Köln

If you’re visiting Köln, Germany, and you’re into art – have a look at the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum in the city center. It is a beautiful and classy art museum that presents sacred and profane art and opens up new perspectives on ancient artworks. If religious art is nothing for you, you can enjoy wonderful impressionist and neoimpressionist works from the Fondation Corboud as well.

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Kölner Dom

Dom, Köln

The cathedral of Köln, Germany – known as the Kölner Dom or Hohe Domkirche Sankt Petrus – is a Roman-Catholic church under the protection of Apostle Petrus. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and after the Ulmer Münster the second highest religious building in Germany, number three worldwide. It is 157 meters high and was built from the year 1248 CE on. Continue reading “Kölner Dom”


Maternushaus, Köln

I was looking for a hotel in Köln, Germany not too far away from the main railway station. As there seemed to be a fair in the city prices were up and I had to search a bit – and then the Catholic church came to rescue. The Erzbistum Köln operates a nice guest house just ten minutes from Köln Hauptbahnhof in the city center. Continue reading “Maternushaus”