When you’re travelling by train to Köln you might want to have a good hotel close to the railway station. I was struggling with that different times until I checked-in at the Savoy. It is located on the rear side of the main station and you need to exit towards the Breslauer Platz. From there it is only a short walk to the hotel entrance which makes life really easy.

Some people might like the Savoy because of their crazy style; today that would be named a boutique hotel. I especially enjoyed the rooftop bar with nice views on the railway station and the cathedral. The street behind the hotel leads to the historic Eigelstein-Torburg, an ancient city gate. And this street called Eigelstein is famous for its nightlife, offering many bars, supermarkets and kiosks to make sure you’re equipped with everything you need. Perfect hotel in perfect location.

Savoy Hotel
Turiner Straße 9
50668 Köln

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