Kölner Dom

The cathedral of Köln, Germany – known as the Kölner Dom or Hohe Domkirche Sankt Petrus – is a Roman-Catholic church under the protection of Apostle Petrus. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and after the Ulmer Münster the second highest religious building in Germany, number three worldwide. It is 157 meters high and was built from the year 1248 CE on.

It is a fantastic building in gothic style and you can visit it free of charge. Especially the wonderful glass windows are worth a visit – but if you like to do sports you can also walk up into one of the towers using a narrow staircase. The Dom is located next to the main railway station of Köln and is only 250 meters away from river Rhein.

Kölner Dom
Domkloster 4
50667 Köln


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