There is a simple rule that is most often true: wherever a federal horticultural show is held in Germany, you’ll later find a funicular. Such a Bundesgartenschau is not only an event for tourists, it is also always used to change the area it is organized at, to reactivate fallow land that is most often hard to reach. And therefore very often funiculars are built to make the area better accessible for visitors of the Bundesgartenschau. And people love it.

This was also the case with the Bundesgartenschau 1957 during which the Rheinpark garden was built between the city quarters Deutz and Mülheim. A 935 meters long funicular takes passengers within six minutes from the zoological garden and the Flora to the Rheinpark. The cabins today partially fly over the Zoobrücke bridge and river Rhein to the Rheinpark. Today the base station there is close to the Claudius-Therme, a spa.

If you use it you can decide to do a full round-trip or exit in the Rheinpark and continue later. The funicular uses a special technology by which cabins can be added and removed during usage. Two times, in 2014 and 2017, technical problems occurred and people had to be rescued by firefighters. But you don’t need to be brave to climb into, it is a secure technology.

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