Kölner Zoo

The zoological garden of Köln, Germany dates back to the year 1860 and is therefore the third oldest zoo in Germany. It is 20 hectares large and to see everything you have to walk long distances. What I liked is the round trip that ensures that you miss no species. The Kölner Zoo is visited by 1.7 million persons each year.

Inside you‘ll find 10.000 animals of 840 different species. The aquarium entrance is outside but the ticket is valid for both. Within the park there are different restaurants and also a shop to buy souvenirs. The zoo is in addition home to Hennes, the mascot goat of the 1. FC Köln living there between matchdays in his small Geißbockhome.

The zoo has its own tramway stop and there are also different parking spaces. It is not far from river Rhein and directly next to it you can find the botanical garden (Flora) as well as the station of the cable car crossing the river. It was still closed after an accident in July 2017.

Kölner Zoo
Riehler Straße 173
50735 Köln


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