Railway track restauration works, Hann. Münden

There are some words which you really dislike if you’re a frequent user of trains in Germany: “Weichenstörung” (switch point failure), “Stellwerksausfall” (railway control center failure), “Personenschaden” (damage to persons), “Signalstörung” (signal failure), “geänderte Wagenreihung” (changed order of rail cars) and of course “Schienenersatzverkehr“. It means that you’ll have to go by bus – usually with a longer travel time and missed connections. Continue reading “Schienenersatzverkehr”

The Hessencourrier

Hessencourier, Germany

There are lots of abandoned railway tracks throughout Europe – some became unnecessary because of the technical progress and some have been replaced by better (but often more expensive) routes. One example that has been revived is the track leading from Kassel to Naumburg, Germany – now used for steam engine rides. Continue reading “The Hessencourrier”