If you need some relaxation at Kassel, Germany then the Kurhessentherme could be your place of choice. It is a spa and sauna built in exotic Asian style. It is located in the city quarter Wilhelmshöhe and is close to the lower end of the famous Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe.

Three different areas

The Kurhessentherme was opened in 1983 and has a vast sauna area with a wonderful outdoor pool between artificial rocks. If you don’t like the heat you can also just book a visit to the large indoor and outdoor pools with a crazy river and a long water slide. If you prefer a more luxurious sauna environment you can go to their ‘1001 night‘ sauna area which has been recently added. It can only be visited by persons aged 16 or above. You can always add more areas to your visit – at the entrance you see the fee surplus that you will have to pay afterwards.

Restaurant and bars

You can also enjoy lunch at the Kurhessentherme – there is a restaurant that can be accessed from the pool area and from outside. Within the sauna areas you will also find bars where you can have a drink. The Kurhessentherme is easily reachable: by tramway 1 and there are also sufficient parking lots in front of the building. By the way – an exact copy of the Kurhessentherme exists at Bad Homburg near Frankfurt, Germany. It is named Taunus-Therme there.

Wilhelmshöher Allee 361
34131 Kassel


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