Groner Kirmes

Bounty, Groner Kirmes, Grone, Göttingen

Whether or not you like the German Kirmes tradition or not depends on where you grew up. It is quite typical for villages and as I was always living in a city it wasn’t common for me. It typically consists of a fun fair, concerts, a procession of the local associations and bands as well as a breakfast with lots of alcohol in a tent. Continue reading “Groner Kirmes”Y


Wilhelmsplatz, Göttingen

The Wilhelmsplatz is a central place in Göttingen, Germany with nice green areas. It is named after emperor Wilhelm I. and a statue of him is standing there. The place is surrounded by important buildings of the Georg-August-Universität: management offices, the Aula am Wilhelmsplatz used for academic events (and also containing the former student jail) and on the other side the old student restaurant can be found.

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Aula & jail

Aula am Wilhelmsplatz, Göttingen

The Aula am Wilhelmsplatz is the representative building of the Georg-August-Universität at Göttingen, Germany. It is located in the city center at the Wilhelmsplatz and contains offices of the management of the university and a giant representative hall for events. The building was designed by Otto Praël and was opened in 1837. It was sponsored by king Wilhelm IV. for the 100th anniversary of the university.

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The Volksheim

Volksheim-Gedenkstein, Göttingen

Since 1921 the unions and worker’s parties had a shared home at Göttingen, Germany: the Volksheim. Meetings were held there and the organizations had their offices at the building. Also the newspaper Volksblatt of the social democratic party (SPD) was printed in a building next to it. This all ended when the Nazis occupied the Volksheim in 1933.

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