Did you ever watch a movie in a church? If not, the Méliès at Göttingen gives you the option to do so. It is a small cinema located in a former Baptist church close to the Bürgerstraße, the ring surrounding the city center. The old church dates back to the year 1903 and was standing empty for about 35 years until a new usage and an investor had been found. Now it houses a special cinema, the former altar is now stage and screen and the gallery of the church has been preserved so that the former character of the building remains.

The cinema is named after George Méliès who bought the Théâtre Robert-Houdin at Paris, France, and converted it into a cinema. The converted church now as 110 seats and you can decide whether you want to sit in front of the stage or up on the gallery (as most people do). From row 7 on to the back you’re located in the upper area. The Méliès is a wonderful addition to the cinema landscape of Göttingen and is run under the same concept of the cinema Lumière. Also a good option for a nice evening!

Bürgerstraße 13
37073 Göttingen


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