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Like every city, Göttingen is collecting items relevant to the history of the region. That’s the task of the Städtisches Museum located in the Hardenberger Hof. It was created in 1883 and was first placed in the Grätzelhaus at the Goetheallee. In 1897 it moved to its current location, an ancient building from the year 1592. The building was continuously extended but the buildings have two central drawbacks: they are not visible from the pedestrian zone (even though it is not far away) and maintaining these old buildings costs a lot of money.

The staff does its best to create a good exhibition, but there is still lack of funding and need for restoration of the building. It is a good offer for school classes learning more about the past of the city, but more tourists could find their way there. Currently not all areas are accessible; the ground floor is used for changing exhibitions and on the first floor the history of the city is shown with a strong focus on religion.

Inside the museum you’ll find the original of the Gänseliesel fountain and what impressed me most were the ancient paintings on the city being besieged. It is interesting to find the city structures you see every day on these painting. The entrance to the museum is free of charge and I’m really looking forward to how this place will look like once it is completely renovated.

Städtisches Museum
Ritterplan 7-8
37073 Göttingen

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