Lchak restaurant, Եղեգնաձոր

If you ever get into the situation to travel through Armenia and need a restaurant between Aserbaidschan and its exclave Nakchivan have a rest at the wonderful Lchak restaurant complex in Եղեգնաձոր. It is located in the valley of a river with mountains in the back and has an artificial lake surrounded by trees. You can have lunch in closed or open wooden cabins – this must be especially great in summer when you can eat above the water.

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Schlichte Hof

Schlichte Hof, Bielefeld

The Schlichte Hof is an ancient guesthouse from the year 1492 at Bielefeld, Germany. Within the half-timbered house you will find a hotel with few rooms and a good restaurant serving traditional dishes of Westphalia. But this place seems to be mostly known for family events and especially wedding parties. The former horse stable offers enough space on two levels for many guests.

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Pizza Pilgrims

Pizza Pilgrims, London

I found a recommendation on the Internet that if you want to have a good pizza in London, United Kingdom, you should look out for Pizza Pilgrims. It is a pizza restaurant with many branches throughout London and they serve good Italian pizza – even a lot of vegetarian versions. And their speciality is a ring of pizza dough filled with Nutella and decorated with ice cream; that calls for a lot of sport afterwards. I searched for one of their locations nearby and what I didn’t know – I didn’t choose one of their restaurants but ended up in the Westfield shopping mall.

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Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., London

Who doesn’t remember the film Forrest Gump by Robert Zemeckis from the year 1994? Tom Hanks brilliantly played the US-citizen with a low IQ of just 75 telling the story of his life. Unfortunately, nobody knows that this story is based on the book by Winston Groom – but that is a different story. During the Vietnam war, Forrest Gump meets a guy called Benjamin Buford Blue (with the nickname Bubba) and he gives him the promise to become a shrimp fisher after the war. Of course, he keeps his promise and opens up the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Two years after the movie somebody decided to open up a restaurant with the same name styled in Forrest Gump style.

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Wacht am Rhein

Wacht am Rhein, Leverkusen

There aren’t too many good places to sit at the shore of river Rhein at Leverkusen, Germany. A lot of the space along the river is cover by chemical factories. But if you make your way from Leverkusen-Mitte to the river, leave the shopping malls behind and pass through and endless number of residential homes you will find the Neuland-Park (a vast garden) and next to it a nice restaurant called ‘Wacht am Rhein‘ (Watch on the Rhine) – named after an ancient German song and anthem.

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Leo Burdock

Leo Burdocks, Dublin

You can’t get to Ireland (or the United Kingdom) without having some fish & chips. It’s unhealthy but good and it forms a solid base if you later want to have some drinks. The best-known location for fish & chips in Dublin, Ireland, is Leo Burdock – an eatery founded it in 1913. Its origins lie in the Christchurch area and it was opened by a couple from the working-class quarter the Liberties.

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McDonagh's, Galway

Guided bus tours in Ireland seem to follow a clear schema: first, visit some great sights on a tight schedule and then drop-off the people in a nice city and give them 90 minutes. And then the pure dilemma starts: you desperately need something to eat but you also want to see the city. In Galway, Ireland, there is a good option for a fast traditional meal: McDonagh’s – the fishy alternative to McDonald’s.

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Mama‘s revenge

Mama's revenge, Dublin

It is quite impossible to remain hungry in Dublin, Ireland. But if you don’t want to take time for a restaurant visit and dislike standard fast food, you can opt-in for some great tex-mex food served by an independent eatery located between Merrion square and Trinity college. I didn’t find out why they named their place ‘Mama’s revenge‘ – but they serve great burritos and quesadillas to eat there or to take away.

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Ugly dumpling

Ugly dumpling, London

It is pretty much impossible to leave Soho hungry – with so many fantastic small restaurants gathered in this area of London, England. A very good place to taste delicious Chinese dumplings is the Ugly dumpling in Newburgh street. It looks like the smallest restaurant ever with just a small amount of tables crammed into a tiny corner restaurant. But don’t worry if it seems to be full; there is also another tiny area one floor down. Waiting is worth the time, they’ve good some very fine dumpling versions on their menu.

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