If somebody would ask me about my most favourite local beer, I would always answer ‘Hütt naturtrüb‘, a delicious non-filtered Pilsener brewed by the Hütt-Brauerei located at Baunatal, Germany. Since 1752 they brew beer at a location called Knallhütte close to motorway A49. In former times carriages needed additional horses to get on top of the hill and signalled this using their horsewhips – the sound of this gave the place its name (‘knallen‘ = banging). Today you can take a tour at the brewery, buy some beer at their shop or enjoy good food in the restaurant.

Hütt-Brauerei, Baunatal
Hütt-Brauerei, Baunatal

It is also a good family destination – in front of the restaurant there is a small playground and you can easily reach the brewery from Kassel on bikes. If you wonder about the statue located in their front yard: it is Dorothea Viehmann who was born in this area and became an important source for the tales of the Brothers Grimm. She collected tales from people travelling by and the fairy tales we all know in Germany have their roots therefore also in France and Italy for example.

Knallhütte / Rengershausen

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