Brauhaus “Zum Rammelsberg”

Within the district ‘Wilhelmshöhe‘ of Kassel, Germany, you can find the brewery ‘Zum Rammelsberg’ – a small brewery with good food and a nice beer garden. In fact, they are serving beer of Kassels Hütt brewery (located in Baunatal!) which is only available in northern Hesse. A ‘Hütt naturtrüb‘ (unfiltered) is always a good choice!

Concerning food the restaurant has a nice menu with savoury meals. Hessians (at least in the northern part) like everything with Schmand (sour cream) – they also put it on pies. To act like a local you should, therefore, try the Hessisches Schmandschnitzel, an escalope with sour cream topping. If you claim to be intolerant to lactose, you better try the Ahle Worscht (to be translated as “old sausage”), which tastes much better than it sounds.

Rammelsbergstraße 4
34131 Kassel

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