Glückliches Bergschweinchen

Zum glücklichen Bergschweinchen, Kassel

The mountain piglet after which the eatery ‘Zum glücklichen Bergschweinchen‘ in Kassel, Germany, is named is happy – as only vegan food is served there. Most important dish is vegan kebap; normal kebap is named Döner in Germany (after the Turkish word for ‘rotating’) and therefore the vegan variation is called Vöner. But they also serve delicious burgers (called ‘Börger‘) and homemade fries.

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Schlachtschiff, Alheim

When you’re cycling between Melsungen and Rotenburg an der Fulda, Germany, you might be surprised to see a large pirate ship next to a lake – the Heinebacher See. It is the Alheimer Schlachtschiff, a battleship that includes a bar and a restaurant. The Schlachtschiff is something between a beer garden and a restaurant, with prices close to those of a beer garden. The unique selling proposition is the location; it is the only restaurant between these two cities and beautifully located at a lake – including a small beach.

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Hütt-Brauerei, Baunatal

If somebody would ask me about my most favourite local beer, I would always answer ‘Hütt naturtrüb‘, a delicious non-filtered Pilsener brewed by the Hütt-Brauerei located at Baunatal, Germany. Since 1752 they brew beer at a location called Knallhütte close to motorway A49. In former times carriages needed additional horses to get on top of the hill and signalled this using their horsewhips – the sound of this gave the place its name (‘knallen‘ = banging). Today you can take a tour at the brewery, buy some beer at their shop or enjoy good food in the restaurant.

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Sambesi, Göttingen

The Sambesi is a restaurant at Göttingen, Germany, named after the river running through central and Southern Africa. I have a little bit mixed feelings about this place as you can get nice African-style dishes here but it is often too loud and the restaurant has the atmosphere of a waiting hall at a railway station. Additionally, I never had the desire to eat ostrich, crocodile or zebra meat – which seems to be the unique selling proposition of this restaurant.

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Sfiha, Baalbek

Lebanese food is well-known across the world and because of the large Lebanese diaspora, it is also widely available. But you don’t need to think about high-class restaurants – even small eateries or bakeries can surprise you with delicious experiences. One of them is Sfiha, minced meat wrapped in pizza dough and baked in small pieces. You get it with a lemon to drop some juice on top and salted yoghurt to drink in between. Once you started with eating it is hard to stop again.

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Malena, Byblos

You won’t stay hungry at جبيل, Lebanon – there are a lot of good restaurants located around the old harbour and in the old souk area. If you prefer a more quiet option than the Malena might be the right choice for you. It is a hidden gem located close to the harbour of Byblos (Jbeil) and you need to know where to find it. The restaurant has a roofed terrace with amazing views on the harbour and the sea, and it is placed within a nice garden with fruits growing around the restaurant.

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KreuzBurger, Berlin

Currently, you can get burgers wherever you want. From the big fast-food chains, the ‘better burger’ chains to smaller restaurant groups and few independent burger eateries. That is for sure especially true at Berlin, Germany. When visiting a concert at the fabulous SO36 I had the chance to test KreuzBurger, a burger bar with six locations throughout the capital city. I really like the shabby chic of their restaurants.

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Markthalle Neun

Markthalle Neun, Berlin

At the end of the 19th century, 14 market halls were created in Berlin, Germany. One of these is the Markthalle Neun and you can still see the ancient structures of the building. Formerly you could buy all kinds of food at around 300 market stands. Usage declined over time but then a new concept was found: in addition to a low-cost discounter, the market hall now contains many stands for regional, fair-trade and organic food.

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Lchak restaurant, Եղեգնաձոր

If you ever get into the situation to travel through Armenia and need a restaurant between Aserbaidschan and its exclave Nakchivan have a rest at the wonderful Lchak restaurant complex in Եղեգնաձոր. It is located in the valley of a river with mountains in the back and has an artificial lake surrounded by trees. You can have lunch in closed or open wooden cabins – this must be especially great in summer when you can eat above the water.

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Schlichte Hof

Schlichte Hof, Bielefeld

The Schlichte Hof is an ancient guesthouse from the year 1492 at Bielefeld, Germany. Within the half-timbered house you will find a hotel with few rooms and a good restaurant serving traditional dishes of Westphalia. But this place seems to be mostly known for family events and especially wedding parties. The former horse stable offers enough space on two levels for many guests.

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