Sigá, sigá

Beachfront, Λεμεσός

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and currently the most eastern part of the European Union. In fact, it is incredibly close to states like Syria or Lebanon. It is known as the island of Aphrodite (or Venus) and it has an interesting history. The whole island is part of the EU, but it is a divided island with an occupied Turkish northern part. Cyprus is a good place for a summer holiday, and it seems to be to the Russians what Mallorca means to the Germans. And it is a place for relaxation which can already be seen in the local philosophy of life: sigá, sigá; always slowly, always relaxed.

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Tombs of the Kings, Πάφος

The ‘tombs of the kings‘ is a vast city of the dead at Πάφος. The name is misleading because it weren’t kings who found their final rest here – but the graves are really impressing. The necropolis was used from the 4th century BC until the 3rd century CE and is today a protected UNESCO world heritage site. In the past the protection wasn’t as good and tomb raiders have taken a lot of the rich grave goods have been stolen.

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Mayfair hotel, Πάφος

Checking-in at the Mayfair hotel at Πάφος is like entering the party zone. It is one of these classic all-inclusive hotels that people book that want to hang out at the pool all day, need children’s entertainment and like all food and drinks already paid. Unfortunately, I only found at about this when reaching the hotel.

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