The ‘tombs of the kings‘ is a vast city of the dead at Πάφος. The name is misleading because it weren’t kings who found their final rest here – but the graves are really impressing. The necropolis was used from the 4th century BC until the 3rd century CE and is today a protected UNESCO world heritage site. In the past the protection wasn’t as good and tomb raiders have taken a lot of the rich grave goods have been stolen.

The burial site is located north of the Nea Paphos archaeologic site and inside the large area you can find different rocks into which grave chambers have been cut. In some places these are real underground graves that look like palaces (thus the naming of the place). You can roam the area freely and also walk into some of the underground areas. If you get there by car: there is a large parking area in front of the cashdesk.

Αρχαιολογικός Χώρος Τάφων των Βασιλέων
Tombs of the kings

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