An apple a day

Ebbelwoi is a big thing at Frankfurt am Main. Wine made from apples is produced in consumed in this area at least since the year 1600. By that time, it was a cheap replacement for wine made from grapes and produced in the cellars of the simple people. Today it is a traditional drink from everyone and in the city, you’ll find numerous Apfelweinlokale, special bars serving this booze.

One of the best Apfelweinlokale I’ve visited so far is Schuch’s Restaurant in the remote city quarter Praunheim. A family-friendly, spacious restaurant which does not only serve Ebbelwoi but also dishes made from apples. Things you need to know: Ebbelwoi is always served in a 0,3 l glas with a special shape, called the Gerippte (because of the rhomb structures in the glas). A filled Geripptes is called a Schoppen. And if you want to drink more than a glas you can order a Bembel – a clay jug filled with Ebbelwoi.

Schuch’s Restaurant
Alt-Praunheim 11
60488 Frankfurt am Main

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