Lebanese food is well-known across the world and because of the large Lebanese diaspora, it is also widely available. But you don’t need to think about high-class restaurants – even small eateries or bakeries can surprise you with delicious experiences. One of them is Sfiha, minced meat wrapped in pizza dough and baked in small pieces. You get it with a lemon to drop some juice on top and salted yoghurt to drink in between. Once you started with eating it is hard to stop again.

Sfiha is served at بعلبك, Lebanon and especially at restaurants called Lakkis Farm. People from بيروت drive over to the Beqaa valley for this special dish. The restaurants are just simple eateries near main streets and the Sfiha are served with the typical Lebanese mezze (hummus, baba ghanoush/eggplant, taboulé salad, …). It is simple but great food and I would always have a stop there if I’m close-by.

Lakkis Farm Restaurant


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