Château Ksara

The landscape of Lebanon is totally different from other countries of the Middle East. You won’t find deserts there – because of the high mountains it is a green country and you can even go skiing. The Beqaa valley is used to grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables (formerly also hashish and opium, but that is another story) and of course wine grapes. Different vineyards can be found and the Château Ksara at زحلة is the oldest and most visited. It was founded in 1857 by Jesuit priests because they needed wine for religious purposes.

The winery is very modern and equal to western European wineries. When you get there you can walk through the wine cooling cellars cut into the mountain, book different tasting packages and visit a very nice shop. Today the wine from Château Ksara is most famous in Lebanon but also exported to different countries across the world because of the large Lebanese diaspora. All types of wine I tasted felt very different from their European counterparts (based on the grapes used) – maybe the Lebanese have a special taste concerning wine.

Château Ksara
زحلة / Zahlé

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