Partisan memorial

Partisan memorial, Podgorica

When the inhabitants of Podgorica, Montenegro want to go for a walk and enjoy the forest they often go to a hill behind the stadium Pod Goricom. There you can have a nice walk, buy ice cream and popcorn along your way and there is also a nice garden with mediterranean plants. Another reason to get there was and is the partisan memorial ‘Spomenik Partizanu Borcu‘.

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Sahat Kula

Sahat kula, Podgorica

Close to the old Osman quarter (Stara Varoš) of Podgorica, Montenegro you can find the clocktower Sahat Kula. It is a landmark of the town and its location is no suprise as such clocktowers are not only a symbol of richness – but also of Islam. It is a 19 meters high tower made of stone built in 1667 and financed by Hadži-paša Osmanagić after whom also a mosque close-by is named.

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Trg Republike

Trg Republike, Podgorica

The main square of Podgorica, Montenegro is called Trg Republike (‘Republic square’, also called ‘independence square’) and can be found next to the government buildings. The city structure is a bit special and you won’t find the main square in the center of the city as you would expect it – there the old Osman area is located. Instead you have to go to Nova Varoš, the new town. On the square there is a large Italian fountain and a memorial in form of an obelisk.

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Stara Varoš

Stara Varoš, Podgorica

If you’re exploring a typical European city you would normally start with the old town, the ancient city center. At Podgorica, Montenegro you might be a little bit disappointed with the Stara Varoš. It is the old Osman heart of the city and is today a purely residential zone with small houses and gardens. The people seem to grow wine whereever possible but the interesting places are limited to two old mosques located there.

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Hotel Porto In

Hotel Porto In, Kotor

The hotel Porto In is a good hotel in Kotor, Montenegro. It is located between the old town of the city and the long-distance bus station (which is only four minutes on foot away). The rooms are rather large and every room seems to have a balcony or a terrace. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t see the bay of Kotor from my room, but that didn’t matter much – you can reach the harbour and the old town within three minutes.

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1350 steps

Kotor, Montenegro

People do strange things when on vacation and I can’t exclude myself from that. How often have I asked myself ‘Why am I doing that?’ – while climbing up La Giralda in Sevilla, Spain; while squeezing myself through the narrow corridors of the cupola of the Basilica di San Pietro at Roma, Italy or when climbing to the top of St. Paul’s cathedral in London, United Kingdom. At Kotor, Montenegro it is especially funny: people are brought on cruise ships with all comfort directly to the old city only to climb up to a fortress high above. 1350 steps, 1.2 kilometers steadily up the hill with an elevation of 260 meters.

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Kotor, Montenegro

The city of Kotor, Montenegro is a highlight of its own. The fantastic old and well-preserved city center with its churches, old buildings and fortified walls is a UNESCO world heritage site since 1979. That brings protection but it is also a reason why giant cruise ships anchor directly in front of the city. But even if you’re there while the city is flooded with tourists you can experience times of the day where this is a rather quite and relaxed place. And there are even some small yards set aside where you can enjoy some coffee in a nice atmosphere.

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