Tierpark Hellabrunn, München

The Münchner Tierpark Hellabrunn is the zoological garden of München, Germany. It was opened in 1911 and you can visit 18500 animals of more than 700 species. It is located at Giesing-Harlaching close to the wetlands of the river Isar, the Flauchersteg and the Flaucher. It is financed by the city of München as well as many private donors and participates in 38 wildlife conservation programs.

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La Sophia

La Sophia, München

The La Sophia is a family-friendly Italian restaurant in the city quarter Au of München, Germany. It is located between the river Isar and the Nockherberg and they serve the typical pizza and pasta dishes. At the restaurant you’ll find all you need for a relaxed visit with children – including a nice play area inside.

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Isar, München

It’s no secret that along the river Isar at München, Germany you can find the best places to relax. Close to the Baldeplatz there are nice green areas to sit close to the water, to walk through the shallow parts of the river or to enjoy the faster flow around the Weideninsel (willow island) within the river.

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Am Nockherberg

Hotel am Nockherberg, München

I can’t remember that I was ever in a hotel at München, Germany that I wanted to book again afterwards. Often I stayed in cheap hotels close to the railway station or in shiny conference hotels somewhere outside of the city center. With the hotel ‘Am Nockherberg‘ it’s totally different: it is a cosy place in a nice area and easily reachable.

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Bavarian timeout 

Starnberger See, Starnberg

Over time friends move and sometimes you loose contact. That’s often because life changes and sometimes because your friends get out of distance for a day trip. Some of our friends moved to München, Germany which is only reachable from Germany if you stay overnight. And the long journey only makes sense if you stay some days. That is why we planned a trip to Bavaria in a our autumn holidays. Continue reading “Bavarian timeout “

The biggest playground

Deutsches Museum, München

The Deutsches Museum in München, Germany (official name: Deutsches Museum von Meisterwerken der Naturwissenschaft und Technik) is a vast technology museum located on the museum island south-east of the city center. It has been opened in 1925 and attracts 1.5 million visitors a year. It is the biggest natural science and technology museum of the world and you can roam the 28.000 exhibits for hours and days.

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Little Italy

Bar Centrale, München

The Bar Centrale is a wonderful Italian bar in München, Germany. It is located close to the city center near to the Hofbräuhaus. From the outside you wouldn’t expect what’s inside: a traditional bar and coffee bar in the front and a small room to sit down and enjoy some pasta in the back. The staff is all-Italian, the coffee is classy and it is a good hint to stop by for an Aperol Sprizz.

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