Genuine or replica?

In the center of München, Germany and not far away from river Isar you can find the cultural center Gastein. It is an event location, concert hall and home to the Münchner Philharmoniker. Within the building you can find the cosy self-service restaurant gast – which operates after a well-known concept.

Within the restaurant there are different counters where you can order pizza, pasta, salads, desserts and a bar for drinks. When your food is ready a small electronic device is blinking and you know that you can pick it up. At the entrance you get a chipcard which is used for ordering and you‘ll have to pay when leaving.

Apart from the menu and the design of this place it seems to be 100 % Vapiano. Even that they offer gummy bears at the cash desk is equal. I still don‘t know who is the original and who is the copy – but the food is good and we had some nice hours sitting there chatting. Don‘t miss the desserts: the chocolate cake and the panna cotta were fantastic.

Restaurant gast
Rosenheimer Str. 5
81667 München

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