Bavarian timeout 

Over time friends move and sometimes you loose contact. That’s often because life changes and sometimes because your friends get out of distance for a day trip. Some of our friends moved to München, Germany which is only reachable from Germany if you stay overnight. And the long journey only makes sense if you stay some days. That is why we planned a trip to Bavaria in a our autumn holidays.

Starnberger See, Seeshaupt
Starnberger See, Seeshaupt

It was the time of the last days of the Oktoberfest and getting a hotel room in München was expensive. The biggest problem was to find a family room in a hotel where you have a separate room for our six year old companion. As this failed we decided to rent an away home and found one at the southern end of the Starnberger See in a small village called Seeshaupt. It included access to the lake, a great garden and a boat – which sounded like a very good option.

We went to the south of Germany with nearly no traffic jam but numerous road construction works. But it worked out well and everybody was in a good mood. As we arrived we took over the away home from the friendly owner and his family. It was way to big for us, had three bathrooms and enough seats to welcome two or three soccer teams. The furniture was old and some personal belongings and all the books of the former inhabitants where still there – it was really like living in another persons house for a while.

Legoland, Günzburg
Legoland, Günzburg

Seeshaupt was a good starting point for our adventures. We planned to go to Legoland Deutschland close to Ulm, Germany. After a 1.5 hours ride we reached the theme park and had a nice day with LEGO bricks, rollercoaster rides and in the brick factory. The next day we parked our car at the ‚park and ride‘ area near the railway station of Starnberg and took the S6 train to München. From the Isartor it was a short walk to the Deutsches Museum.

We explored the different section of the museum, met friends and had some nice hours at the restaurant gast not far away. On the next day we went to the Therme Erding which is one of the biggest spas in Europe – offering artificial waves, the largest lazy river I‘ve ever seen and crazy slides. Later that day we had a barbecue with friends at our away home. Maybe the last barbecue this year, but definitely at a nice location.

I didn‘t see much of Seeshaupt – the place where we lived – but one thing was unusual for me: all supermarkets in that area close at 6pm. That’s nice for the employees but I‘m really used to go shopping for food until 10pm. To be able to get something to eat I had to go via the motorway to Penzberg (15 minutes by car). That’s maybe a reason for living in larger cities.

DB Museum, Nürnberg
DB Museum, Nürnberg

When going back home we had a stop at the railway museum of Deutsche Bahn in Nürnberg, Germany. A fantastic place with real engines, train models and the KinderBahnLand (KIBALA) explaining different aspects of German railways for children. A nice place to play!

München, Seeshaupt
Bavaria, Germany

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